Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Tote with Perfect Mistakes...

I like this present piano teacher of mine a lot, so since her birthday falls on the day of my lesson, I thought why not make her something nice, my fingers were itching to crochet.
On Sunday, I sat the whole day studying and making the tote bag pattern from one of my books. It looked really simple and nice. Instead of using nylon, I decided to use microfiber. I have two rolls of microfiber with my favourite colour but I have yet to decide what to do with them. The pattern was really very simple but along the way, something happened with the increase of stitches. They were so out I did not know what to do. When I make mistakes for my cross-stitch, I will find ways to cover them. Well, this is crochet and there are no ways to cover them unless you dismantle the whole lot and roll up the yarn and restart. I do not want to restart because I don't know where are the mistakes.
Halfway through, the stitch counts became correct. When the tote bag was standing tall, I almost fainted. The back portion of the bag had so many extra rows that I decided to turn it into a flap. The flap needed a button to hold it so I simply made a magic ring and because the hook and the yarn were big and thick, the button that I imagined turned out to be a gigantic button used by I-don't-know-what.
While making the handle, I think I was talking to either mi madre or the hubby that I missed two stitches. I really wanted to faint so one handle was short and the other was of the exact stitch counts. The long one was stitched to the front part while the shorter one was made to be at the back. 
The tote bag was completed with the 'Made by me' label. Yeah, seriously made by me. Only I can manage to pull off such big mistakes and give it away as a gift. You can't buy it if you have the money because I don't know how to make the second one with the same mistakes and the flap. That microfiber tote is hug-able. It's soft, really soft.

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