Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Beginner's Ribbed Scarf...

I was excited to start on the next project and I went to town and found another shop selling yarns and sewing accessories. The yarn was quite thick but being ignorant and totally without knowledge of the types of yarns, I went ahead to buy those yarns. The ribbed scarf pattern was taught by Ms. Craft Nerd, again from YouTube.
I did the blue scarf for Pinky and I have shipped it to Australia.I will not consider it as a waste of time and money but I was a bit upset because the scarf was so hard, I would rather use it to wipe my feet then wear it around my neck. The 100% acrylic was totally useless as a scarf, it will not be able to keep warm at all. Pinky is very afraid of cold cold winter so in the end, I wise up and went on to buy expensive 100% wool yarns for her and I found her favourite 100% cashmere wool as well.
The pink scarf with a headband were flown in to Taiwan for another friend. She has the same taste of colour of myself so it will be easier to choose the yarn while Pinky is my total opposite and her wardrobe is so boring, it looks like she has only black and white in her wardrobe. Well, at least we got good practice in crocheting. Thank you Ms. Craft Nerd...

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