Friday, January 6, 2017

Customized Pillows...

I've made customized chicken pies before when I was in the mood. I have lost it altogether. I have no idea how to make chicken pies anymore. 
Then, my precious showed me a customized pillow but the price was exorbitant. It was hand-sewn hence, the higher price. I was in such good mood that I decided that I would draft out the shape on a piece of brown paper, drew it on the cloth, pinned them together and started sewing and then, with my cross-stitch yarn, I made back stitches for her name. I was in such terrific mood that it was completed in a short span of time. 
I wanted to made another one for myself but while stitching towards the end, I changed one of the letters so it became the cousin's instead of mine. Too many pillows on the bed will all end up on the floor the next morning. Thus, I have no need for one.