Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My Chuka Idako...

Pinky, my travel buddy asked me to crochet her a little red octopus. Both of us really like chuka idako, wherever we were, they tasted the same. It's just a pity that Wal-Mart in OCT no longer sell it. Maybe most Chinese do not eat it?
I found my little chuka idako pattern and started on it. It just took a couple of hours to finish compared to the bunny which took me 7 hours to complete one. I dragged my feet on doing it because I thought the curly limbs were too difficult. They ended up easy enough. I thought mi madre how but mi madre seemed not to get it. I'm teaching my precious how, but she's so slow I feel like whacking her. I don't seem to have patience in teaching people how to crochet maybe because I lack the proper skill myself. I learn by making so many mistakes and mi madre is hired as the destroyer. She will just pull the yarn and roll it back and I'll start all over again. I don't have the heart to dismantle my hardwork so mi madre has to be the villain. 
They looked really cute, these little octopuses. My favourite colour among all is the shocking pink. I like all shades of red and pink, but I prefer shocking and bright colours. 

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