Saturday, July 16, 2016

Blossom Summer Tank with Juliet Collar...

I took 2 skeins of cotton yarn in raspberry cotton. I have never crochet a blouse before so I have no idea how many skeins of 100g cotton yarn I need. The owners of cottonhouse were really helpful. The lady boss told me that I might need at least 6 just to be on the safe side. I bought 6 straight away.
I clicked on the first pattern which was quite beautiful according to the picture where the blossom summer tank  was worn on a mannequin. I started learning how to make blossom stitches according to the instructions. By the time I did until the 20th row, I was horrified with the out-of-shape tank top and thus, mi madre has to dismantle everything. Then, I started from scratch all over again and to my horror, the tank top from size M to size S. Again, mi madre has to dismantle them all. I was on the verge of giving up but I was too adamant to make this happen. I read the instructions again and literally dissect every single word.
I finally got it after many tries. Yeah, don't give up. When I'm desperate to make something happen, I will not give up but sometimes you feel like you're just so stupid because you repeated your mistakes. You knew its wrong but you still try the same method. Now I'm a bit smarter. 
I thought the tank top was too simple so I flipped my crochet book bought from Big Bad Wolf and found a collar that would bring the blouse to a higher level. It's Juliet collar and the worse part was there were only a few sentences of instructions in the book and the rest was just a pattern which couldn't utter a single word. I studied the pattern for more than a week staring into something with no words at all, thinking that one day a few words might appear to explain more.
I went head on and did it with no mistakes at all. By the time I finished the project, I felt like a professional and I could take the world  just do anything with my hands. Hanging these two pieces on a hanger was just different from seeing them worn in real life. That's Gracie's birthday present. I never give anyone birthday presents because I never know what to buy. Everyone practically has everything, nobody needs any more photo frames and cups.

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