Monday, July 18, 2016

That Pokéball...

My precious studies business so I expect her to have a business of her own. Before she even started on her business studies, she has set up an online business. I was browsing through her Instagram and I was horrified to see a crochet Pokeball. I asked her who's going to do that for her to sell and she said I'm going to do that. I have never done it and I don't even know how is it suppose to turn out to be.
Next thing that I did was hoping that nobody will buy but such evil things attract buyers real fast. That day itself someone messaged her regarding the Pokeball and suddenly I was doing it already. No doubt it's just a red and white ball with a lens on it, but it was part of the evil pocket monster game.

When I was still a child, I played with marbles, stones, shoes, bottle caps and rubber bands. Children nowadays can chant a whole paragraph of evils without knowing that they have sold their mind and spirit to the devil. They can call out curses right in your face but they can't recite the times table.

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