Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Making Doughnuts...

Yesterday, Golden Flower, my Facebook friend, dropped me a message to go over to her house as she has Raya goodies for me. And she purposely cooked extra to give as I would usually drool over her food photos posted up daily in Facebook.

I was thinking what to give to her. It won't be nice to go empty-handed. Since I can't cook for her then I was thinking of crochet-ing one or two dish cloth but halfway through, to my dismay, there was not enough yarn. So, mi madre has dismantled whatever that has been done.
I went to my e-mail to check what has been sent through the newsletter of my subscription and found this really simple flat doughnuts. It never occur to me to look for bouncy-stuffed doughnut. I only have a couple of hours left and I started to work on the non-edible doughnuts. 
They were quite cute and the way she decorated them was really nice. Maybe I should make her stuffed doughnuts to decorate her house. Until today, I still have nothing for myself as I've been sending things away. In exchange of these small doughnuts, I got 10 different types of cookies which were so delicious, I have rendang chicken drumstick, curry chicken, chicken and meat floss, ketupat and nasi impit. They were so good and we were eating after having our lunch an hour prior to the arrival of these yummies~!

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