Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My First Crochet Project...

My first crochet project was taught by YouTube because no humans wanted to teach me. I have preferred learning from someone who is breathing and very much alive but since I asked the professionals but they turned me away, I had to crawl myself to the laptop connected to the television screen, and I asked YouTube to teach me. I just typed out Amigurumi Crochet on the search panel because I thought that to launch myself into crocheting a scarf using 5-6 skeins of yarns was just too much to handle. 
Something small should be good and the person who taught me was Happy Berry Crochet. She was really patient as she video-ed her own fingers, working around the hook and the yarn. I watched the YouTube video so many times that when I saw that there were two other parts of the video, I simply wanted to give up. In the end, as the last straw, I took a piece of paper and a mechanical pencil, and started writing down the steps, not realizing that I was actually doing the steps in written form, using all the abbreviations which I thought I coined up myself.
It was not easy but after some time, I got the hang of it and it became really enjoyable. I thought of selling my handiwork but then again, I might want to sell some other stuff. These bunnies were my babies, my first ever real project.
Well, I'm more of a paper-and-pencil person and I need everything to be written in details. I don't mind reading pages long of instructions but videos do really help especially when you know next to nothing. Thank you Happy Berry Crochet. You've been such a wonderful help. After I get started on crochet, cross-stitching seemed like kindergarten level. 

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